Tifa Lockhart Cosplay (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

“Tifa Lockhart is my all time favourite Final Fantasy Character.

I remember back then in 2006, the whole process of researching for reference pics, finding the fabric, props, and putting it together was quite stressful but also exciting each time it looked closer to the final product. I loved how the costume turned out!! It was my first cosplay and wearing it at the 2006 Animania Convention in Sydney was quite an experience!

7 years later to this day; the costume still sits in my wardrobe :) After some modifications to the outfit, we decided to finally get some proper photos taken.

Special thanks to Peggy (a.k.a Paitakarai) and my mum who helped me heaps with this costume; and Jaychan for taking the photos. Being able to cosplay as her is like fulfiling my childhood dream of becoming a superhero :) ” ~Cammyii

Favourite part of costume: Skirt
Hardest part of costume: Skirt
Total cost: About $125 which includes fabric, shoes and wig ($75)

Tifa Lockhart modelled by Cammyii